• Amy

SINGLE REVIEW: Record Thieves - Fault Lines

Denver, Colorado's Record Thieves serve up a nice little dose of pop punk with "Fault Lines," their first new music since 2020's "Wasting Time" album.

"Fault Lines” is a gem of a track. It's anthemic, catchy, has some serious summer vibes and is lots of fun!

It's a chanty mosh pit starter with an infectious chorus that will be stuck in your head all summer.

The vocals are melodic and epic but with a slightly imperfect rawness that really adds to the appeal of the track.

There's pop melodies, fun riffs, a nice guitar solo backed with some crashing yet playful drums. Plus plenty of opportunities to grab your mates for a good old sing-a-long.

It has some serious early 2000's vibes so if you like bands like Sum 41 or Alkaline Trio I think "Fault Lines" will be right up your street. I challenge you not to rock out while listening to it!

I've already added it to several playlist!