• Amy

SINGLE REVIEW: Rick Josie - We Are!

“We Are!” is the debut single from 15 year old singer-songwriter Rick Josie. The track is fully self produced which is incredible given Rick's young age.

The song is taken from his debut album "Ego XV” which is out now.

To be honest "We Are!" isn't my usual jam (distinct lack of guitars!) but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate the level of talent on display.

It's an interesting mix of rap and R'n'B. It's musically quirky with lots of intricate details and vocal effects. Rick has a wonderful smooth, soulful singing voice, something I would like to see utilised more in the future. The rap element is easier to listen to than most rap as it lacks the genre's stereotypical aggression. It somewhat reminded me of Eminem's style.

I think rap is often daunting to people who don't typically like it as it always seems very angry and hateful. Rick has managed to produce a rap track that is accessible even to those who don't typically like the genre.

It's musically melodic and plodding which fit well with the vocals and lyrics. The only thing I felt was the vocals ended prematurely and descended into an instrumental outro too soon. I was left wanting more and feeling like the song somehow unfinished.

It's a quality track with excellent songwriting. If Rick can produce something this good, that can appeal to a self confessed guitar music fan, at 15 I can only predict he has a bright future ahead of him.