• Amy

SINGLE REVIEW: Ryan Redwood - Late

Hailing from Lowestoft, Ryan offers a rough round the edges, Britpop-ish indie sound. He's clearly a talent and the slightly under-produced sound ensures "Late" oozes charm and personality.

The song starts slowly in an indie ballad style which I wouldn't normally enjoy but the rawness of Ryan's voice really fit and I could have happily listened to a whole song at this tempo. However not long into the track it breaks into classic indie guitars with a perfect mix of jangle and riffs before mellowing back to the way it had begun. The whole song is super catchy and I imagine it's a great song to hear live.

From the first listen I found myself invested in the lyrics of "Late" which is rare as it normally takes me many listens to appreciate lyrics. They're quite simple but effective. The story seems to be about a bloke who likes a girl but she's dicking him about yet every time she clicks he goes running, I found myself thinking "mate, stop it! She's not worth it!" which to me is a sign of excellent song writing even if it's not relatable per se if it leaves you thinking or feeling something it means it's made a lasting impression!

"Late” was my first encounter with Ryan's work and I'm positive it won't be my last. If you like raw hardworking indie give him a listen.