• Amy

SINGLE REVIEW: Sorcha Richardson - Archie

Sorcha Richardson is a indie/lo-fi singer/songwriter from Dublin whose career began some 10 years ago at the tender age of 21. To date she has released 2 EP's, a studio album as well as a vast collection of singles.

"Archie" starts slow with laid back guitars and a romantic, lo-fi dream pop sound. The song's verses have a feeling of plodding before building into a big chorus with epic vocals and then regressing back to the more simplistic sound.

The lyrics are somewhat deep talking about losing hope, losing dreams and losing touch with people you once held dear. It's poignant and something I think everyone can relate to in some way.

Sorcha's voice has a bluesy soulful sound that I both enjoyed and found unique. It's interesting since starting these reviews just how many blues and jazz influences there are in music I enjoy when the genres themselves are ones I tend to dislike.

I feel there’s a slight cabaret vibe from Sorcha’s sound, quite dramatic, almost theatrical and I’m sure her voice and overall sound would carry very well live.

The song goes through verse, chorus, verse and so on before building to an epic, loud (and unexpected) guitar solo ahead of descending into a chaos of distorted guitars.

I really enjoyed "Archie." I like that there was lots to take in and unpack, despite being “lo-fi” which you would assume meant simple, it was an interesting listen. I will definitely be checking out more of Sorcha work.

"Archie" is out now accompanied by a stunning cinematic video.