• Amy

EP REVIEW: The Blinders - Electric Kool-Aid (Part 1) EP

I’m struggling to know how to write about Electric Kool-Aid (Part 1), it’s not a bad EP and on paper it's exactly what I should like, guitar laden, 90's esque indie but I just can't fully get on board with it.

The passion, emotion and depth are undeniable but I somehow don't resonate with what I'm hearing. I find music so incredibly moving but for the most part this EP leaves me cold.

At times its catchy and on face value its good guitar music from artists who clearly have an abundance of talent but on the other hand its slow and hard to listen to which I feel to most would come across as pensive and emotional but I can't help but find it slightly boring.

In a nutshell The Blinders are clearly very good musicians, their songwriting skills are unquestionably excellent and if you enjoy modern indie this record will probably be for you but for me Electric Kool-Aid (Part 1) falls short, everything there that should tick all my boxes but however many times I listen it just doesn't.

I will be interested to follow the band's journey and see if future releases speak to me in a more profound way.

Electric Kool-Aid (Part 1) is out now.

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