• Amy

SINGLE REVIEW: The Chef - Everyday

Upon first listen to Everyday I’ll admit I didn’t like it, it’s not my thing and I was ready to write it off but I gave it a second chance and third and with every listen it grew on me a little more. The Chef isn’t a perfect singer but I don’t think that matters. The fact that at times it’s sort of spoken and at others it's a little out of tune adds to its charm.

It’s a fairly simple dance track but the music fits the words and their delivery perfectly. The lyrics are positive, sharing the message that everything will be okay and the world isn’t that bad of a place really which I think is a message everyone needs to hear from time to time.

To summarise I wouldn’t expect to like this Everyday from first listen, but don’t write it off, it takes a while to understand it but once you do it’s actually quite infectious.

Everyday is out now! Listen HERE

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