• Amy

SINGLE REVIEW: The Wonder Years - Threadbare

This is quite a hard review to write, anyone who knows me knows just how much a I love The Wonder Years and how I could gush about them for hours barely stopping to take a breath but there's just something about Threadbare that doesn't speak to me in the way almost every other song has. Billed as their first Christmas song since 2008 it pales into nothingness compared to “Christmas at 22.” It's fairly slow, feels a little watered down and too sentimental. Dan’s voice sounds incredible as it always does but musically and lyrically this feels weak, more like an album track or b-side.

Over the years their style has grown and evolved and I respect them for being brave enough to try new things but I hope Threadbare isn't a sign of the direction the band are now headed. A slow, more heartfelt ballad-esque sound is what we expect from Dan’s solo side project whereas The Wonder Years have always been about a big sound and poinigent lyrics.

I’m disappointed, but every band releases a bad record at some point in their career and for me Threadbare is that. It wouldn't be a song I’d skip if it came on but I think it will likely be one I find myself zoning out and not really paying attention. I’m looking forward to more new music which will hopefully sound more true to what I expect from The Wonder Years.

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