• Amy

SINGLE REVIEW: Tracy Gallagher - Caves

“Caves” is the latest release from Dublin based former Wedding Singer of the Year 2019 Finalist Tracy Gallagher and marks the end of her brief hiatus.

I've reviewed a lot of singles over the past few days and all bar one have been slow which isn't my preference but it's been a nice change, I've really enjoyed them all and "Caves" is no exception.

The song starts slow with a seductive, dreamy, sometimes trippy and sinister sound. "Caves" is vocally diverse, very unique and hard to categorise with elements of Bjork and Kate Bush coming through. Tracy has a beautiful voice and whilst not always an easy listen it leaves you wanting to hear more. The song demands your full attention, it's definitely not background music.

At times as if out of nowhere the song builds from its quiet state into a rush of loud guitars and epic vocals, keeping you on your toes and wondering what's going to happen next.

After listening to "Caves" I listened to some more of Tracy's work all which seemed much more accessible and easy to listen to, with catchy choruses and country-ish sound so while I really enjoyed "Caves" I was left wondering if it maybe wasn't the best choice of single.