• Amy

SINGLE REVIEW: Wilko Wilkes - Muck on the Wall

I'm not quite sure what I just listened to, definitely not what I was expecting to hear with its slightly chaotic music sound and random sheep noises but I LOVE IT!!

This is what I like about Wilko, he's real. The subjects he tackles are real from serious stuff such as mental health like in previous single “ABCDExpression” to “Muck on the Wall” which offers a tongue in cheek look at how the older generation moan about the people.

For me this track is the ultimate in relatability. I can hear my mum saying almost all the stuff in the first part of the song moaning about how people from broken homes are brought up wrong or how everyone who steps slightly out of line should be sent on National Service and how the bloke up the road sits about all day and doesn't work but can always buy fags (a conversation I had with her only a couple of days ago). The number of times mum and I come to blows over her very 1960's attitude to things.

The song starts with what I have envisaged to be an old married couple moaning about graffiti (ie Muck on the Wall) and then carries on with them just moaning in general about how people are lazy, don't work, only care about themselves and basically seem to go out of their way to ruin their day.

Later in the track, definitely raised a smile. I live near Cromer where I’m forever seeing things in the Facebook groups about vandalism, graffiti etc however as soon as we had a Banksy appear last summer it was the greatest thing ever. The funniest moment came when the Banksy in Gorleston-on-Sea got graffitied. As “Muck of the Wall” suggests, one time for graffiti is okay but another type isn't.

I don't think I've heard a song I can fully relate to, in a non deep and meaningful way, and draw comparison to my own life like this. This song is real life delivered in a somewhat comedic way with added sheep noises that caused me to laugh aloud and then think “What the fuck!”

It's such a clever track because while it's Wilko performing, that's not who I'm hearing, I'm hearing characters and visualising their faces. Almost like a radio play.

Wilko describes himself as a rapper but I'm not sure “Muck on the Wall” falls into that, it's more spoken word set to music and quite different from his other work.

I also like the fact it's clear to hear Wilko's Northern accent coming through, I’ve said before I really like hearing regional accents in music it's charming and endearing.

You can tell how buzzed I am about this song by the length of the review, there really shouldn't be this much to say about a track that's two minutes long!!

Maybe this song is niche and won't appeal to everyone but for me it's a genius piece of songwriting and an absolute gem! It'll be going on a playlist or two for sure!