• Amy

SINGLE REVIEW: Young Pretorians - Square Eyes

Formed in Southsea, Portsmouth in 2019 Young Pretorians released their first single "A Way Out" in May 2020 and have been slowly building a loyal following ever since.

Square Eyes starts off sounding just like My Life Story before bursting into a deluge of surfer style rock with a pop punk edge!

There's nothing not to like about this track. I listened to it once and decided that simply wasn't enough and played it again, clocking 4 listens overall in 15 minutes. It's an addictive song which is over far too soon. Super catchy and toe tapping, definitely memorable with super cute riffs and a drum track I was obsessed with from the off.

It has a really familiar sound but I can put my finger on exactly who it reminds me of. There's definitely some Beach Boy vibes coming through whilst also borrowing heavily from pop punk bands such as Spanish Love Songs. There are moments when it has a very 60's rock n roll feel too. As the bands Spotify profile says "call it punk, call it rock n roll, call it guitar music, call it what you will. Let's not let genre get in the way of a good song" and Square Eyes is a bloody good song.

This song will be great for summer days messing about outside but equally it's going to be a great mosh pit filler.

I’ve listened to most of their other stuff and there's something quite special about this band. I'm keen to see them live because I have a feeling they would have a fun, bubbly energy about them.