• Amy

Songs on Repeat - April 2022

Here's a round up of the songs old and new we've been enjoying at Click Roll Boom HQ this month.


Gary Numan- Intruder (2021)

I’ve been riding on an industrial high at the minute and with every industrial list needs Gary Numan! This track is quite an easy listen and has quite an apocalyptic vibe to it.

Skating Polly - They’re cheap (I’m free) (2018)

Skating Polly is my ideal example of DIY girl punk that I enjoy listening to on a regular basis. I love the bass in this song along with shrill riffs and screams.

Lights - Skydiving (2017)

For someone that isn’t at all into pop, I am a big fan of Lights. I love the lyric “No Guts No Glory”. The track is included with the comic Skin & Earth so I am very much invested with the story behind it too.

Spiritbox- Sun Killer (2021)

I am very picky with my metal core and Spiritbox really changes my perspective. It’s a headbanger that gives me chills every time, especially when the lyrics whisper through my headphones.


Teenage Fanclub - Planets (1997)

This song made me cry the first time I ever heard it and never fails to give me goosebumps. It's melodic and beautiful with plenty of jangly indie guitars.

Therapy? - Die Laughing (1994)

This has always been a favourite off Troublegum and I couldn't stop playing it on the run up to seeing them live.

Kississippi - Around Your Room (2021)

This song just makes me happy. It's a breath of fresh air, like being a teenager again. Something about the sound and lyrics just make me feel instantly youthful. "I'm spellbound in reverie"

Less Than Jake - Lie to Me (2020)

Classic, catchy Less Than Jake but I find these lyrics particularly poignant. The realisation that you've made someone the centre of your world and not only do they not care all you've really achieved is losing your own identity. Definitely food for thought.

Divine Comedy - National Express (1998)

My favourite running song, the only issue is I can't stop myself running with some serious "Jazz Hands.”. It's the "ba-ba-ba-da" that gets me! I also love the lyric "it's hard to get by when your arse is the size of a small country" cracks me up every time!

Em Beihold - Numb Little Bug (2022)

First heard this on a YouTube short and thought it sounded just up my street so I looked it up. It's a great song with some really relatable lyrics. LA based Em has amassed 8million monthly Spotify listens so I'm not sure how she's passed me by until now.


Asobi Sesku - Strawberries (2007)

A cacophony of sound with a lot of unique energy. The mellow vocals are really accentuated by the bold synth and spacy guitar tones.

Santo & Johnny - Midnight Cowboy (1971)

This one shares a name with one of my favourite films! Santo and Johnny were an old school duo from New York, best known for their instrumental track "Sleep Walk". This is a similar instrumental track, with a lumbering, melancholic feel that gets stuck in the ears.

Motherlode - When I Die (1969)

Another classic for this month. This whole track is packed with soul, from the haunting lyrics and powerful vocals to the smooth bass line.

Peach Pit - Tommy's Party (2018)

"Alrighty Aphrodite" is one of the first songs I learnt on bass, and this track is one I fell in love with soon after. The beautiful story told is matched with Neil Smith's gorgeous voice and that iconic Peach Pit guitar tone that turns any melody into an unforgettable song.

Daniel Avery - Naïve Response (2013)

Finishing up this list is an epic dance tune I've had on repeat far too often! The droning, atmospheric synth pairs perfectly with punchy percussion for a track that's guaranteed to get you pumped.


Scott's more of a photo's kinda chap so you'll have to give his choices a listen and see for yourself why he can't get enough of them!

Foo Fighters - Everlong (1997)

Dream Wife - Fire (FTSE Remix) (2017)

Black Stone Cherry - Blame It On the Boom Boom (2011)

Fleetwood Mac - Go Your Own Way (1977)

Lucia & the Bad Boys - Good Girls Do Bad Things (2019)

(check out his photos from Dream Wife's recent tour HERE, support from Lucia & the Bad Boys)

To connect with the artists please check out the links on their Spotify pages.