Songs on Repeat - June 2022

Here's a round up of the songs old and new we've been enjoying at Click Roll Boom HQ this month.


Mel Bryant & the Mercy Makers - Never Thought (2020)

I'd listened to this song a few times before but I heard it again a couple of weeks back and something clicked. I listened to it 4 times back to back then clocked up another 30 listens in the space of a few days. I love how it plods through perfectly with the lyrics which talk about being told to wait and realising all you're waiting for is to get old and more bored. It also has the cutest little guitar solo. I'm absolutely obsessed not just with this song but with the band in general.

Spacey Jane - Sitting Up (2022)

This came on my playlist today and for the first time I really listened to the words, they’re rather poignant. Later in the day I was in an area of Great Yarmouth I’d briefly lived with my first boyfriend over 20 years and started feeling very nostalgic and suddenly the lyrics “does it phase you how people change? Are you okay with that? Or how hearing someone's name can take you way back” seemed really relevant, I clocked up 3 back to back listens. It's really deep, yet really jangly - I love it!

Goalkeeper - Sunshine (2018)

As a rule songs like this are a bit too cutsey and loved up for me, I prefer songs about wanting people to crash and burn, but this track is so catchy and summery. The vocalist has an amazing voice. The whole EP is great but Sunshine is definitely my favourite.

The Wonder Years - Summer Clothes (2022)

Naturally the new Wonder Years track was going to be on my heavy rotation! By chance I switched YouTube on just as it was premiering. I laid back in bed with my eyes closed and let the song consume me. It's stunning and had me in feels from first listen. There's something magical about this band, there's no other like them. They touch my heart with every word and Summer Clothes is no exception. Dan is a lyrical genius incomparable to any other. I don't have enough words to express my love for this band. I cannot wait for the new record.

Thomas Benjamin Wild Esq - No More Fucks to Give (2019)

I first heard a snippet of this on Instagram reels and instantly stopped scrolling to go and listen to the full song. It's absolutely hilarious and fits exactly with how I feel. Once upon a time I gave a fuck but I realised it's a waste of time! As he says "my fucks have runneth dry." It's a simple little ditty just him as his banjo but I guarantee it'll make you smile and get stuck in your head for days!

The Vincent Black Shadow - Stupid Intruders (2008)

I got obsessed with this song a few months back then didn't listen to it for a while, put it on a couple days ago and I couldn't stop listening. I love the gothic edge to the music and the slightly cute verse vocals with a more dramatic chorus. It's hard to explain this song and exactly why I like it apart from to say I think it's a genius bit of songwriting.

Cassyette - Mayhem (2022)

I loved Dear Goth but for some reason it took me ages to get around to listening to Mayhem but as soon as I did I was hooked. Cassyette has an incredible voice, really bold and powerful. The song is a mix of rock and pop with an infectious chorus. Having recently opened for My Chemical Romance at their Milton Keynes show I predict a massive future for this lady! One hell of a talent.

Lynks - Everyone's Hot (and I'm not) (2021)

In honour of Pride month I wanted to include a track by Lynks. Lynks is a mysterious, larger than life masked character who uses whatever pronouns you chose to give them. They sing about their experiences trying to date on the gay secene and either feeling substandard or just finding out all the blokes you like are straight. Everyone's Hot is a slightly serious, slightly light hearted epic electonica track with a fab dance routine. I particularly like the part where Lynks takes the song down to a slow more thoughtful moment before announcing "Everyone's probably bored of this" and building the song back up again. Special mention to the lyric "Everyone's balls and I'm testes" makes me laugh every time!

(I know I always choose more songs than the others but I've gone particularly crazy this month with 8! What can I say? I've listened to a lot of music lately and got excited about a lot of tracks!)


R.E.M. – At My Most Beautiful (1999)

R.E.M. are my favourite American band. Up was their first album without original drummer Bill Berry. This piano-driven pop ballad is their first straightforward love song, also, the most romantic. It’s a homage to The Beach Boys.

Charli XCX – Good Ones (2021)

Channelling the poppier sound that was prominent in the beginning of her career as opposed to the more experimental electronic production. This is a spectacular club banger. Crash is my favourite album of the year so far, named after the David Cronenberg film.

Martha – Heart is Healing (2018)

Short, snappy, and extremely catchy. It seems to burrow its way into your subconscious, the buzzsaw guitars set against some sugar sweet melodies. I’m looking forward to seeing them at the Exchange in Bristol.

Cherym – Kisses on My Cards (2021)

A snarling, fizzing pop-punk jewel that lands somewhere between Bikini Kill and Yuck. They have an ear for a killer melody and a knack for a vocal harmony earworm. Hey Tori is the best EP I’ve heard in a long time. Due to Covid, I sadly missed them supporting The Beths at The Loft in Southampton.

The Weeknd – Blinding Lights (2019)

A glorious blast of air punching throwback synth-pop with a blockbuster riff, which evokes Depeche Mode and The Human League. It’s the second most streamed song of all time on Spotify.


Civil Twilight - Come as you are (2011)

This is probably the best cover of a Nirvana song I have come across. It’s so rich, stripped back and vulnerable. Quite a refreshing approach to an iconic track.

Sixx: AM - Stars (2014)

This one just gets me charged for the day. I came across it quite a long time ago but I have come back to it as part of my morning routine. It’s the best of both Rock and Pop combined-dingy addictive riffs and the golden catchy lyrics.

Zeal & Andor - Gotterdammerung (2022)

I just love how intense this is. Simple. :)

Nirvana - Lithium (1991)

I've been on a Nirvana binge recently, not sure why, but I am also learning some riffs so It has to be constantly on!

Aurelio Voltaire - Almost Human (2000)

This one is going to be a bit weird on my list, but think goth, with a hint of circus and flamboyance. It’s fun, catchy and relatable.

Lights - Jaws (2022)

This track is for when I need a confidence boost, the lyrics have some real attitude. I’m trying to keep my Lights obsession to a minimum but this track is really addictive. “A rebel without cause, oh she got jaws” guaranteed to get stuck in your head.


A - Starbucks (2002)

Super catchy British Pop Punk anthem.

Billie Joe Armstrong - Kids in America (2020)

Great cover of a Kim Wilde classic.

Blue Oyster Cult - (Don't Fear) The Reaper (1976)

Dreamy with an infectious riff.

INXS - Stay Young (1981)

Classic rock with serious danceability.

John Powell - Waterloo (2007)

Prefect movie soundtrack song, and at over ten minutes long it's sure to make an impact!