• Amy

Songs on Repeat - May 2022

Here's a round up of the songs old and new we've been enjoying at Click Roll Boom HQ this month.


The Tenters - Good Will (2021)

I fell in love with Good Will the moment I heard it on Spotify while researching our Peterborough playlist. It's the catchy, upbeat, top tapping brand of indie that ticks all my boxes. I saw them play recently and live it's an absolute gem too. I cite these Lincolnshire lads for great things!

Cheerbleederz - Cute As Hell (2022)

Cheerbleederz are Katheryn from Fresh’s second band who embrace a more playful side to the songstress. Cute as Hell is glittery, kitchsy brilliance, something I’ve not found in another band since Kenikie disbanded. Follow up single Nail Biters is great too, I highly recommend checking them out.

Wet Leg - Chaise Longue (2021)

This song was so much fun live and bought a crowd that had remained mainly still to life. I’ve mainly included it though for the lyric “is your muffin buttered? Would you like us to assign someone to butter your muffin?” I’ve no idea of the meaning behind it but it always makes me smile.

Papa Roach - Kill the Noise (2022)

The epic, stadium filling sound we all expect from Papa Roach with powerful emotionally charged lyrics that really hit home. There’s also an acoustic version which is incredible too. With songs like this you can see why Papa Roah have been a household name for almost 2 decades.

Vial - Rough (2019)

I’ve had this on heavy rotation for ages now, it's one of the songs that initially introduced me to Spotify’s elusive “Bubblegrunge” genre. It's melodic with a slightly trashy edge and chorus I guarantee will get stuck in your head.

The Wonder Years - Oldest Daughter (2022)

This one was a given. Incredible new record from the greatest band to ever exist. Oldest Daughter is a continuation of the story for Madelyn from The Greatest Generation record and really showcases just how brilliant Soupy’s song writing is, how he can bring a fictional character to life and leave the listener feeling real empathy for them.


Frank Turner - Perfect Score (2022)

I dare you not to tap your feet!

Beastie Boys - Fight for your Right (1986)

Classic! No particular reason but it came on from my master spotify list and it made me happy so ended up being played a few more times throughout the month.

Imelda May with Noel Gallagher & Ronnie Wood - Just one Kiss (2021)

Gives me the feeling of a dark smokey bar and making eyes at someone, flirting and then hoping for ‘just one Kiss.’

Baby Queen - Pretty Girl Lie (2020)

Instantly added to my playlist after hearing it live.

Frank Turner - Miranda (2022)

Amazing storytelling and then you find out that it’s true!


The Magnetic Fields - All my Little Words (1999)

I've been on a concept album binge recently, the album "69 Love Songs" certainly delivers on its concept. Despite being song 3/69, this beautifully wistful piece with its laid back instrumentals and poignant lyrics really stuck with me throughout. The whole album is definitely worth a listen!

Scott Bradlee's Postmodern Jukebox, Allison Young - Happier (2022)

It would take a whole article to express my love for the Postmodern Jukebox crew, and a good few more to discuss the sheer talent of singer Allison Young.

This is an instantly loveable reimagining of the Olivia Rodrigo hit Happier as a 60s pop piece with truly masterful instrumentation. Allison Young really knocked this one out of the park!

Animal Collective - Man of Oil (2017)

If you've ever wanted to combine the feelings you feel during a breakup with the ones you get during an existential crisis, and then listen to it, this song is for you! (Also, are you ok?) Man of Oil is a truly haunting piece, combining a soundscape of natural tones with a simple melodic line, echoing voices and lyrics that capture lost love in a way few others have.

Kitty Craft - When Fortune Smiles (1998)

Kitty Craft is one of the most influential, yet sadly overlooked, artists of the 90s. Any fan of lo-fi will immediately sense a vibe, with that familiar vinyl fuzz and repeating sample, that's truly decades before its time. All of Kitty Craft's music deserves a listen, but I'd recommend starting off with this mellow feel-good track.

Hayden Pedigo - Carthage (2021)

Hayden Pedigo is an artist in every sense of the word. Avant-Garde, iconic and very talented. Carthage is a distinctly rustic track that conjures the ambiance of a quiet warm night in Hayden's childhood home of the Texas panhandle.

I stumbled across a great video covering concept albums, from which I found song number one! I'd really recommend giving it a watch for some further suggestions.



The Cribs - Our Bovine Public (2007)

First heard this recently on a car ride home and it has been an earworm and I can't stop listening to it because it's so catchy and makes for a playful tune to play on guitar too.

The Hara - Friends (2020)

Since reviewing The Hara live, they have left a really good impression on me and the energy from the night still sticks with me when I hear this song. It's also newly added to my personal "hype" list.

Jack Stauber - Buttercup (2017)

Before becoming popular through Tiktok, Jack Stauber created silly lofi synth-pop music videos for YouTube and it puts me in a good mood listening to this.

Delilah Bon - Bad Attitude (2021)

I'm really loving the mixed genres and the swinging Nu-metal guitars are pretty sick in this track! And for a new project I can see this is quite a successful take off!

Lauran Hibberd - Charlie's Car (2021)

This one makes for a fun travel tune. The guitar and bass riffs make for another great earworm. I don't always sing aloud but this track forces me to!

To connect with the artists please check out the links on their Spotify pages.