• Amy

Sound of a City: PETERBOROUGH

Showcasing new music from around the UK, here we bring you PETERBOROUGH!

Peterborough often gets a lot of bad press, most of it unfairly having lived there for several years back while it might not have the a spectacular array of shops and some areas are looking a little tired but it has by far some of the friendliest people I’ve encountered in my life it also boasts the iconic Met Lounge which has played host to some now huge bands as the start of their careers. Which leads me to this playlist showcasing some of the finest up and coming artists this underrated city has to offer.

There's the distinctive vocals of the amazing Chloe Lorentzen and the fun quirky vibes of Livewire. While Mark Stevens blasts out his own unique blend of country. The city also offers the raspy vocals and garage sounds of Prima Volta and The Bray bring some 80’s inspired tunes to the party.

Lets not forget Airwave and Kill the Lights both of whom amass thousands of Spotify listens a month.

For a small city Peterborough has a little of everything, give our playlist a listen and let us know what you think!

This playlist is curated by Click Roll Boom and brought to you in association with our good friends over at @proudofpeterborough.