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The band we now call Soup! began its boil in the adolescent fantasia of South Manchester. Within those grand locales, Matthew Beswick (Vocals/Guitar), Connor Riley (Guitar) and Ben Smith (Drums) nurtured together their mutual love of classic punk: there were gig-pilgrims often to centre of the city; bedroom jams to the hits of Buzzcocks, the Clash and the Cribs.

Upon splitting for Uni, for work, for the rigmaroles of life, these friends reunited in 2019 - bolstered by Hayden Gouveia on Bass, and Rob Jones on Keys/Percussion - and refocused their creative appetites. Siphoning off the aesthetics from Post-Modernist literature, and efficiency-ethos of Brutalist design - “nothing is wasted and nothing is included unnecessarily” - the quintet too came to identify, most prominently, with the funked-up angularities of our early indie heroes - Postcard, Fast Product, Factory and Zoo. Nibbling on their every teaching, Soup! have refreshed those iconic sounds for a 2020s crowd ever thirsty for razor-edged, guitar-driven pop.

The band’s newest serving, “Only Time”, delivers a moreish New Wave nugget true to this vision. As if an early Orielles jangle has been smothered by the fun ‘n frenzy of Josef K, the track sparkles palpably with the taut physicality of an on-stage spectacle. No wonder too, as it was recorded completely live, in just two takes, with producer Seadna McPhail at the helm (The Orielles/Blanketman).

About the tune, Beswick divulges:

“The lyrics recollect memories of early childhood performances and the reluctance to perform. These reflections clash with society’s current need for attention, validation and attempts to gain both through self-promotion and performance.”

Following hot on the heels of previous single Acrobat b/w Self Care - which found airtime on the likes of BBC Radio 1, 6music, and Radio X - with this latest cut, Soup! continue to furrow their own pathway in contemporary post-punk, distinguished by their own concise and erudite edge.

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Live Dates

9th June - Manchester, YES Basement (supporting YAANG and Onyda)