Spanish singer-songwriter Yawners signs to Big Scary Monsters & releases new single "Suena Mejor"

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"A record bursting with tightly produced, perfectly composed, hooky, smart, angsty, bright power pop." The Line Of Best Fit "Yawners sound like they’d be right at home making music in a garage in an American suburb somewhere around the turn of the century." DIY Magazine "Madrid kids invoke memories of The Breeders, Sonic Youth, and all that was right with ’90s guitar rock." FLOOD Magazine "Nieto’s huge, wide open vocals and ultra-bright hooks give Just Calm Down the feel of a shook-up bottle of pop: always on the verge of exploding into something even greater than what’s on record here, and what’s here is already pretty great." Bandcamp Daily

After releasing Yawners’ debut album in 2019, Elena Nieto found herself at the end of a whirlwind year. Her debut LP Just Calm Down showcased the Madrid musician’s love for huge, hooky alternative rock moments chased with the hummable accessibility of power pop. It was a combination destined to set the international stage ablaze. After gracing stages at SXSW in the U.S. and Eurosonic in the Netherlands, the pandemic caused Nieto to reflect on the present moment through the lessons of the past. The exciting songwriter returns in 2022, newly signed to Big Scary Monsters (UK) and with a brand-new single sung in her native tongue – Suena Mejor is a lesson in embracing uncertainty. Talking about the new single, Nieto said: “Suena Mejor is about the indecision, the duplicity, the parallel paths of life, the uncertainty of vital but also of the most banal decisions. You never really know how things are going to turn out until you do them, so it's better to trust yourself and just jump without looking. I like how the melancholic guitars on the verse and the powerful guitars on the chorus really match the lyrics’ message. I think anyone can see themself reflected in these lyrics.” Although Yawners remains a solo vehicle, the track bursts with the muscle of an entire backing band, carrying with it a universal message of self-trust and clarity. “It’s about the good and the bad, especially during these couple of extremely weird years where all of us have had second thoughts about everything,” she ruminates. Having established herself at the forefront of the blossoming Spanish guitar pop scene with a series of early singles followed by her debut LP Just Calm Down, Nieto found herself earning praise from NPR, The Line of Best Fit, DIY, Flood Mag and more for her potent songwriting. She crafts effortlessly engaging pop songs, weaving ‘90s college rock and skate punk influences into nostalgia-inducing, lovelorn tracks that showcase a mix of stunning compositional dexterity and enchanting melodies. Nieto, who is a translator and speaks Spanish, German, and English fluently, has a refreshingly direct approach, imbued with playfulness and humour – but with the range to find moments of emotional resonance that would not be out of place beside her musical heroes, Husker Du, American Football and Weezer.