Speedboat have docked on Ellis Island


Share video for Theodora - https://youtu.be/IitVN2AM_XM Taken from the new EP Better Men Released 24th June 2022 on 0800 MOSHI MOSHI

Credit Ryan Cleave

Speedboat are back as Better Men, with deeper, tighter and more expansive grooves following on from last year's debut, “Split the Bill”. The new EP, “Better Men”, sees the brothers navigate everything from the Kinks to Kanye to create their distinctive playful pop songs.

New single ‘Theodora’, is a soft and slow dance. Bass and keys move together in a tight embrace, as a desperate croon brings the two closer still. Reminiscent of soft late 70’s disco, the track is held together by classic instrumentation, tight grooves and tasteful embellishments. It yearns and burns slowly, but just enough to keep those feet moving. About the track, the Speedboys explain… “Think it was the 3rd lockdown. I remember being pretty fed up, working lots and not much else, listening to the news as they “eased restrictions”, feeling frustrated that nothing was really changing. It was like being tied to the bedposts while the press teased us with their feather tickler of freedom.” “Im not really into writing songs with overt social/political commentary, but I thought if I could satirise what I wanted to say I could take the song off on tangent that was less obvious and a little more fun than just saying “Fuck Covid, fuck the Torys”. So I wrote about getting a striptease from the Statue of Liberty.” The film's director Fergus Worrall sets the scene; "Set in a time of government enforced restrictions, ‘Theodora’ is a tantalising tale of the desire for freedom; physically, mentally, and spiritually. Existing in their homes, the boys long for connection, expression, and ultimately, love. For passing comfort, they delve into the depths of their creative imagination, but to get a true taste of the Liberty they once took for granted, the boys must venture into the world – with vigilance!" "The video was thematically and visually inspired by the great 70’s and 80’s thrillers The Conversation, Blow Out, and Marathon Man, as well as the air of bitter-sweet longing in Wim Wenders’ Paris, Texas. These elements, combined with Speedboat’s musical talent and natural comedic poise, made this picture a true pleasure to shoot."

Speedboat - aka Johnny and Will Griffiths aka the Blue Jean Brothers aka Musk and Hook - are just two boys, trying to be Better Men. But ask yourself, are these men better than you or I? Most likely not, on a personal level. But the fruits Speedboat bear come as a rare and succulent treat; actual vocal melody with no spoken word, chord sequences without angular dissonance, matching hair-cuts, matching boots, matching kimonos, a backline that can fit in a Samsonite suitcase. A list like this makes you think, shit, these are Better Men.

Whilst their last EP ‘Split The Bill’ explored themes of “fictional romance”, ‘Better Men’ treads more personal territory - whether that’s a genuine narrative, or just a vessel to express an idea - “It’s more personal and a little more socially engaged than the last EP. Whilst the romance is still there, it’s a little more real this time.”

Speedboat burst with the exuberance of a duo who’ve stumbled upon their winning formula for the very first time, it possesses a rawness to it driven by home recording; yet it retains the gloss and glamour of Speedboat’s panoramic pop vision.


1. Better Man

2. Sadie Grey

3. Theodora

4. D Sports

5. Russki Radio

6. Your Life And Mine

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