Speedy Wunderground signs JOYERIA and shares new single, "Wild Joy"

Shares new single, "Wild Joy"

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Second single from new Speedy Wunderground signing, FFO Smog, Stephen Malkmus, David Berman Label: Speedy Wunderground Release: 31/05/22

Speedy Wunderground are excited to announce the signing of London-via-Canada's Joyeria (pronounced Joy-a-ree-a), along with new single "Wild Joy". Previously a member of their esteemed 7" singles club with the long sold-out "Here Comes Trouble", this is the first taste of new music, with more to follow this year. So far, Joyeria has charted his career in invisible ink. Always a shape shifter, never a genre chaser. He’s quit bands when their buzz was the buzziest, he’s released music under names even devotees could never remember how to spell and has insisted on building his backstory entirely with gaps in the narrative. He’s a maths-wiz, a crack chess player, a painter and Dad who smokes on the sly. Built like a hockey player, with a frame carved out by late nights and tour life - he is an imposing figure until you step into the presence of his gently voracious enthusiasm.

Joyeria - Wild Joy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0yYw78cF4o4 Listen on streaming services: https://ffm.to/wild_joyeria

Joyeria says of the new single, "If Wild Joy is not an ode to the world’s greatest dad or the working stiff — it’s the song of a man who has remembered what to do with memories and what can be recaptured and re-enacted, perpetually in music." “The car works fine,” and gets the singer “to work on time”. As a father he’s checked the basic boxes — in love he’s found responsibility, he became an adult by becoming “a company man”. But there was something prior to his priorities, there were dreams before the doldrums of daily life. “Friday nights” were “for getting laid.” The singer searches for the flicker in “tired eyes”. Still, there must be a better way to shake oneself awake from the numb march of the day to day — a better method than “choking yourself” or “holding your breath”. So long as a singer is cutting eyeholes into sheets to play ghost instead of becoming one, so long as singer is still fashioning masks - there’s still an appetite for telling the truth and goofing.

Praise for Joyeria: “Lavish... a six minute feast…” - Clash “Epic” - The Line of Best Fit

Originally from Canada, Joyeria has spent his adult life patiently crafting his own path as a songwriter in London instead of following his heroes and peers in search of an assumed authenticity in Austin or Nashville. Joyeria has the rare ability to speak lyrics without crossing the line into spoken word, and while his vocal stylings at times enhance the moody humour of a song, they steer clear of voice acting and persona grabbing. Darkly and refreshingly funny in an era where self-depreciating comedy — from the mouth of a songwriter who can strut and swagger — too often comes across like a bet hedged against the confidence it takes to write songs with guts and brain cells. More music will follow.