Superorganism release great new single and video "On & On"

Superorganism share new song “On & On” – watch video here

Second album World Wide Pop out July 15th

Upcoming live dates

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"An explosion of bubble-gum hooks, wild production ideas and genuinely poignant reflections about growing up" New York Times

“Their sound has found few parallels since the release of their 2018 self-titled debut” The Fader

“Teenager’ is a ridiculous, totally insane clash of cultures and styles that’s impossible to pin down but totally perfect in its evocations"PAPER

“There isn’t another band like Superorganism”Dork


As the release of Superorganism’s second album World Wide Pop moves closer (due July 15th), the quintet are pleased to reveal a fourth song from the record. Entitled “On & On”, it is the most upfront pop moment of World Wide Pop and cloaks the existential lyrics with the band’s idiosyncratic production. The track delves into the relentless and repetitive treadmill of life as Orono sings: “Am I insane or is it now the normal way? / Reason’s out, just hope and pray / And switch off till it goes away”

Harry adds: “It is a bit of an analogy between the ground-hog day effect touring can have, and the cyclical nature of growing as a person and repeating the same mistakes along the way.”

Watch the video for “On& On” here

Stream “On & On” here

The video for “On & On” is directed and animated by AEVA based on a concept by the band themselves with character animation by Diana Gradinaru. Their most fully realised video, the band wanted to convey a sense of looking back on our current era from a future time period with misty-eyed nostalgia. They explain: “Think of how today we look back on previous eras with fascination and an often rose-tinted vision, like the swinging 60s, but there was strife and anxieties in any era that isn't necessarily captured by that nostalgia. We want to give a sense that there is no such thing as a "good old days", by showing someone in the future looking back at our current day thinking that the 2020s appear like the "good old days".

Watch the previously released videos for “Teenager”, “It’s Raining” and “”.

Superorganism have mutated and are now based around the core of Orono, Harry, Tucan, B and Soul but World Wide Pop also brings in an international set of collaborators including Stephen Malkmus, CHAI, Pi Ja Ma, Dylan Cartlidge as well as legendary musician and actor Gen Hoshino.

World Wide Pop blasts back with thirteen tracks that strike a balance between artifice and earnestness, between sci-fi silliness and existential intensity. A showcase for Superorganism’s newly deepened understanding of each other’s interests and impulses, the kind of creative convergence you’d expect when online friends start spending time together IRL (their debut was completed before the whole band had ever been in the same room at the same time).

Upcoming live dates

15th July – Rough Trade East, London - instore

16th July – Resident instore, Brighton - instore

17th July (afternoon) - Pie & Vinyl instore, Portsmouth - instore

17th July (evening) - Rough Trade instore, Bristol - instore

18th July – Rough Trade, Nottingham - instore

19th July – Jumbo, Leeds - instore

20th July – Pryzm, Kingston - instore

16th September – Chalk, Brighton

17th September – Belgrave Music Hall, Leeds

18th September – SWG3 Warehouse, Glasgow

20th September – Gorilla, Manchester

21st September – Scala, London


World Wide Pop is available to pre-order on exclusive “Earth coloured” gatefold vinyl + signed print, standard gatefold vinyl, CD, cassette and digitally. Pre-order: Dom Mart | Digital

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