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The Aquadolls Cover The Waitresses' Holiday Classic 'Xmas Wrapping"

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The Aquadolls Cover The Waitresses' Holiday Classic 'Xmas Wrapping" Produced by Fat Mike of NOFX and featuring Angelo Moore of Fishbone and El Jefe of NOFX "One of the greatest Christmas songs of all time gets a high-octane update, courtesy of The Aquadolls and a pair of their own Santa’s Helpers – Angelo Moore of Fishbone and NOFX’s El Hefe!"- Hollywood Life

Christmas song alert! Southern California's The Aquadolls are ringing in the holidays with a new take on The Waitresses holiday classic "Xmas Wrapping." The track was produced by none other than Fat Mike of NOFX and features appearances by Angelo Moore of Fishbone on saxophone and El Jefe of NOFX on trumpet. Stream 'Xmas Wrapping' on DSPs HERE Frontwoman Melissa Brooks says, "Every year when the weather starts getting colder (and in California terms meaning we go from blistering hot weather to a breezy 70 degrees) it means it’s time for the holiday season. We created a ska/punk-inspired cover of The Waitresses’ “Xmas Wrapping” with the production help of Fat Mike from NOFX and Jon Graber, with horns from El Hefe of NOFX and Angelo Moore of Fishbone. It’s so exciting for us to collaborate with so many music icons on this and put a new twist on such an underrated and timeless classic. We hope you start a mosh pit to this and this makes your holiday season rock harder than before!" Catch The Aquadolls via Twitch when they will perform a set for Budtender Awards' Budtender Sessions on Tuesday, November 30th at 7pm PST. Stream the show on Youtube or Cannabis Capitol's Twitch. The Aquadolls had much to celebrate in 2021, inking with a new label – ENCI Records, festival appearances at Lollapalooza, Beach Life Festival, Ohana Fest and a slot supporting Jimmy Eat World at Chicago's Metro. The band also played livestream sessions for Spin and Paste Magazine and appeared on outlets such as Flood Magazine, Hollywood Life and LA's KTLA TV. About The Aquadolls: The Aquadolls formed in La Mirada, CA in January 2012, by Melissa Brooks, the band's lead singer and songwriter. Melissa began recording bedroom demos of her songs and eventually released the album 'We Are Free' in early 2013, followed by the LP 'Stoked on You' in December 2014. After a brief break from releases, the stars aligned in July 2018, and the new era of The Aquadolls commenced with Jacqueline Proctor on drums and Keilah Nina on bass. The band grew as a powerful threesome leading up to the release of The Aquadolls' highly anticipated second album, 'The Dream and the Deception,' recorded and self-produced by Brooks and self-released October 28, 2018, on Aqua Babe Records.

Following their sophomore album, the trio self-released the single "Suck on This" in summer 2019, followed by their 2020 viral cover of Lash's "Take Me Away" (a track made famous via its inclusion in the 2003 Lindsay Lohan-starring Disney film 'Freaky Friday'). The band's latest single 'Disappearing Girl' is out now on Enci Records. The Aquadolls have toured with the likes of Kate Nash, Jenny Lewis, La Sera and others. "Coming from the suburbs of Los Angeles, the Aquadolls are punk pioneers in the broadest sense. They ooze eclecticism, stacking elements of indie– and surf-rock on top of a distinctly pop-punk foundation. While their sound might not exist at a comfortable spot for genre purists, fans of sonic experimentation will surely find their versatility entrancing."- Alternative Press "...fuzzy surf-psych-grunge pop from Southern California with an ebullient sing-a-long vibe.things are on the up-and-up for this cool crew."- Oh My Rockness "The Southern California band effortlessly pours out infectious shoegazey bops, earnest headbangers, cosmic surf-punk ballads, and electrified power-pop anthems. Despite the sheer range of styles and genres reflected in their music, there’s a real cohesion to The Aquadolls’ addicting combination of sharp edges and even keel. No matter what vibe a given song has, it’s clear The Aquadolls are putting everything they have into the music they’re making."- Hard Noise Facebook Instagram Twitter Youtube ENCI Records