The Umlauts release "Ü" (Remixes)

Out now via PRAH Recordings.

Check 'The Fact (Yuri Suzuki remix)' here -

"European art-punk ravers sent from the future" - NME

"an oddball party of mad sounds that feel genuinely fresh" - DIY

"art punk troupe resisting dystopia" - Loud & Quiet

"that is triggering all of my pleasure sensors this morning" - Lauren Laverne

Formed after meeting at Wimbledon College of Art, but hailing from across mainland Europe, The Umlauts are a Brexit-snubbing onslaught of art punk and rave. Characterised by cross-border perspectives both stylistically and thematically, they throw up an idiosyncratic mix of Germanic beats, LCD synths and a tangible sense of urgency. Multilingual in both speech and sound, they're a pertinent reminder of what a melting pot of cultures and cross-border perspectives can result in.

Today, they've announced a remix EP that brings even more perspectives to the boil and turns the heat up. It's a collection of tracks combines the taut kinetic energy of The Umlauts, welded with considered and controlled touches of the likes of Teleman drummer Hiro Ama, London based sound-designer Yuri Suzuki and fellow PRAH pals Uh, Orbury Common and more..


1. The Fact (Yuri Suzuki Remix)

2. Boiler Suits and Combat Boots (Hiro Ama Remix)

3. Um Politik (uh Remix)

4. Energy Plan (Orbury Common Remix)

5. Der Fuchs (Jennifer Evans Remix)

6. Remedy Song (Grove K-Hole Remix)

7. Boiler Suits & Combat Boots (Ama Mizu Remix)

8. Energy Plan (Kempner Remix)

9. Remedy Song (Gentle Stranger Remix)

Check the full EP here -

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