The Umlauts release single "Another Fact" + New EP out 14th October 2022 on PRAH Recordings

The Umlauts

Another Fact New EP out 14th October 2022 on PRAH Recordings Check the title track here -

"gloriously fearless tunes that refuse to play by the rules" - NME

"an oddball party of mad sounds that feel genuinely fresh" - DIY

"art punk troupe resisting dystopia" - Loud & Quiet

“We’re just your average trans-European, multi-lingual, art-school, post-punk, techno-inspired, über-group/circus-troop/diaeresis”. That’s The Umlauts there, attempting to describe the matrix-like myriad of influences that they’ve somehow managed to gel together to create the beguiling sounds of their new EP, Another Fact.

Although their genesis is in Stroud, thanks to songwriting partners Alfred Lear and Oliver Offord, the addition of visual artists Annabelle Mödlinger and Maria Vittoria Faldini as lyricists and vocalists after meeting at art college in London, blew the group wide open in terms of what they could do creatively. As such, their debut EP's tightly hewn mix of mechanical synth-pop, spiky no wave and bristling post-punk bore the hallmarks of a band exhilaratingly committing ideas as quickly as they could have them.

Another Fact, though, is the beginning of the next phase of the band. “In many ways our first record was made by accident, this one is more driven and purposeful” they say. “We have found our voices and collaborative dynamic more over the last year, through playing live and recording.”

Recorded over two main sessions at PRAH Studios in Margate, Another Fact’s genesis came hot on the heels of Ü’s release, the group still brimming with ideas following their debut EP. During this period, they were also joined by caroline violinist Magdalena McLean. Initially stretching her bow across the burbling, bassy synth pop of Non è Ancora - McLean’s playing came to permeate the whole EP, adding new dimensions to its already varied melting pot of sounds.

The title track is a sprawling seven-minute banger and perhaps the group’s most club-orientated track to date in its resonant synth, glottal beats and constant swirl of energy – yet put together in a typically eccentric Umlauts style, featuring violins, balalaikas, and a bicycle pump.

“Another Fact is our ode to the euphoria and strangeness of clubbing. As a group it is a space we all feel quite differently about, so working on this song became an interesting melding of experiences and perspectives.” They explain. “We wanted it to sound like it was being heard from outside a nightclub. We were thinking throughout the lockdown of all of the empty nightclub spaces, those big empty silent rooms must have had a sort of spooky haunted feeling, so we were interested in inserting some of those qualities into the music.”

Tracklist 1. The Quickening 2. The Commuter 3. Frightened 4. Non è Ancora 5. Sweat 6. Another Fact Upoming Live Dates 15th July - Welcome to the Village, Leeuwarden, Netherlands 12-13th August - Sur le Lac, Switzerland 18th-21st August- Greenman, UK 26th August - Krankenhaus, Cumbria 28th August - This Must be the Place, Leeds 3rd September - End of the Road, UK

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