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Tuvaband teams up with Lee "Scratch Perry" - the legendary dub-producer remixes her indie-pop single

TUVABAND x LEE “SCRATCH” PERRY Legendary dub producer remixes indie-pop single ‘Irreversible’ Listen HERE New album Growing Pains & Pleasures out now

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Praise for Tuvaband: “It’s between these two fence posts that Tuvaband’s third album, Growing Pains & Pleasures, finds itself steadfast, and her greatest body of work to date.” - 8/10 Gigwise

“There is a wonderfully haunting tone to Marschhäuser’s vocal, akin to Karen Sheridan of Irish collaborative Slow Skies, and the use of repetitive lyrics and extensive reverb generates a feeling of torment that is difficult to shake off.” - The Line Of Best Fit

“A sweeping, atmospheric seascape” - DORK

“A voice so sweet and delicate it feels like it’s being caressed into your ears on a wisp of a breeze” - Nothing But Hope And Passion

After releasing new album Growing Pains & Pleasures last month via own label Passion Flames, and Sub Pop Publishing, Norwegian Grammy nominated Tuvaband has teamed up with Jamaican dub-legend Lee “Scratch” Perry for a remix of her latest single ‘Irreversible’. Tuvaband is the solo project of Norwegian singer-songwriter and producer Tuva Marschhäuser, who graces dark canvasses between alternative and indie-pop rock, with fluorescent shoegaze sketches.

The remix came about after Tuva connected with the 85 year old over Instagram. She has a love of Jamaican music after staying there for a student trip, and it had always been a dream of hers to work with him.

Listen to ‘Irreversible (Lee Scratch Perry remix)’ HERE.

Lee “Scratch” Perry is a pioneer in the 1970s development of dub music with his early adoption of remixing and studio effects to create new instrumental or vocal versions of existing reggae tracks which is heard throughout his reimagining of Tuva’s track. In his lifetime he has worked with the likes of Bob Marley, The Clash, The Beastie Boys, Andrew W.K., Animal Collective, David Lynch, and even featured on a radio station in Grand Theft Auto V. Still working today, he shows no plan of slowing down.

On the collaboration Tuva said, “Lee Scratch Perry is one of the coolest artists I know about. The first time I heard his music I was amazed; I think he’s a really bold and innovative artist. My favourite album by Lee Scratch Perry is Science. Magic. Logic. I really wanted to hear my music through his ears, and wanted to collaborate with him somehow. I realised a remix was a good place to start.”

Watch Lee “Scratch” Perry work on this track in his studio HERE.

The remix is a perfect playground for her magical vocals and poignant environmentally aware lyrics in juxtaposition to this summer time remix.

Previously sharing the haunting ‘Post Isolation’ with John Carpenter inspired video, and the stormy ‘Fully Mature Things’ from the album, ‘Irreversible’ questions the actions of ignoring the environmental problems on earth, and wishing you could just leave.

Growing Pains & Pleasures is out now via Passion Flames/Sub Pop Publishing | Stream now

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About Growing Pains & Pleasures: The solo project of Norwegian singer, songwriter, and producer, Tuva Hellum Marschhäuser, she has proven herself as a master of crafting songs that capture a special atmosphere in her sound. Tuvaband’s debut album Soft Drop saw her write songs that were airy, ghostly and effortlessly cinematic, while its follow-up I Entered The Void (which earned a nomination for a Norwegian Grammy) pushed her sound into rougher, heavier atmospheric rock.

With Tuvaband’s new album Growing Pains & Pleasures, she’s set to take her songwriting to new levels and adventurously push the boundaries of her musical world.

The story of Growing Pains & Pleasures starts in Venice, where Tuva spent a week working in early 2019. In a cavernous house, in the shadows of its tall dark rooms, she began to work on the lyrics for her new songs. Finding herself in the murky, silent house, it became sort of a parallel world for the journeys she was taking into the shadowy spaces of her own mind in her lyrics. “When you’re in isolation you don’t meet many people”, she says, “and there are few impressions from the outside world. So coming out of isolation can be an overwhelming experience - in ways both good and bad. A lot of the songs have feelings of fear; an irrational and vague, but constant fear”.

It’s an album fuelled by change - changes in Tuva’s life, changes happening around her, and changes she realised she was going through herself. The album’s title, Growing Pains & Pleasures describes her journey through those changes, the stress of the ground moving underneath your feet and the world shaking as you realise you’re not the same person you always were.

“I always thought that you stop changing and developing when you become an adult”, she says. “But it was in my late twenties that I started changing the most. A friend once said ‘Tuva, you seem so self-assured. You always know what you’re doing and what you want’. I Thought that was true - until everything changed. At the start, I rejected the change. After a while I realised that I had to accept it. I’ve realised that fully mature things rot”.

The writing and production on the album is all Tuva’s own, and the music started with her in the studio, crafting intricate demo versions of each song. I Entered The Void had been a tough-sounding album - on Growing Pains & Pleasures she decided to take a step back from the heaviness in that sound. “People always said my music was cute, which almost offended me, because especially if you look at the lyrics, it wasn’t. So I wanted I Entered The Void to be tough, rough and edgy. Now, I feel I no longer have to convince everyone that my music is tough”.

With less of an ideological manifesto steering the sound, she could focus on the songwriting, and on this album, it’s some of her strongest yet, a rich, detailed sound that pulls the best elements of her style to-date, and is a perfect playground for her magical vocals.

Photographer Credit: Stefany De Beurs (Hi-Res image here)

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