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Ultra Q share new single ‘It’s Permanent’, New EP 'Get Yourself A Friend' out 19th November

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New EP Get Yourself A Friend Out 19th November via Royal Mountain Records

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Praise for Ultra Q:

"Ultra Q are a band I'm feeling particularly excited about and on this, they show us exactly what they're made of and how they can influence the future of Indie Rock." - Jack Saunders, BBC Radio 1

“It's a frantic, fun and fantastical start to this new chapter on their fascinating musical journey.“ - Rock Sound

Following singles ‘Bowman’ (video here), and ‘Handheld’ (video here), today Cali-based four-piece Ultra Q share another taster of their new EP Get Yourself A Friend out 19th November via Royal Mountain Records. Pre-order HERE.

Fronted by Jakob Armstrong, and features brothers Enzo and Chris Malaspina, as well as Kevin Judd, new single ‘It’s Permanent’ is a gloomy dose of indie backed with infectious bass and Armstrong’s drawn out vocals.

On the track, Armstrong says, “If there’s one song on this EP that is remembered in any way, I really hope it’s this one. I so vividly remember making the demo thinking that this might just be total trash, but alas, I think it’s my favorite of the bunch. The goal with ‘It’s Permanent’ was to really try and create something cinematic, which we had never attempted in a song before.”

The track comes with a visualiser made by Armstrong and is a collection of old tour footage and some scenes from film The Decline of Western Civilization.

Watch the video for ‘It’s Permanent’ HERE.

He adds, “It was all about the atmosphere. A lot of the vocal clicks and guitar flourishes were kept from the demo as they just worked well with what we had. Lyrically there’s something in there about getting wasted in an eastern european night club, surrounded by flashing neon lights and doom, but it’s lathered in a healthy layer of nonsense. If nothing else, I hope this song provides a couple minutes of gothic escapism.”

Still new to the UK, they’ve received praise from NME, Notion, Kerrang, BBC Radio 1, The Line Of Best Fit, Rough Trade, BBC6 Music, Rock Sound, The Forty-Five, and more.

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(Get Yourself A Friend EP Cover)

Debut EP - Get Yourself A Friend - Pre-order HERE


1. Pupkin 2. It’s Permanent 3.Bowman 4. Straight Jacket 5. Handheld 6. Get Yourself A Friend

About Ultra Q:

Not to add to the deluge of artistic clichés brought on by the Global Event Which Shall Not Be Named, but spending more or less a year in the house offers plenty of time for reflection, reevaluation, and revision. Though there was a lot to process already in those months, it was an opportune time to try and get your shit together, whatever that may mean for you. For Jakob Armstrong—in addition to many other things like the rest of us—part of it meant fine-tuning a collection of songs first recorded in late 2019. A prolonged process leading to five of the seven songs on Get Yourself a Friend retooled into their better-than-even final form.

Jakob Armstrong—youngest son of Green Day frontman Billie Joe—began playing guitar at seven years old and honed his craft privately until about sixteen, playing in bands in and around Oakland after meeting friends with like-minded tastes in music. Soon enough, with the memories of Ultraman action figures fighting in his mind, he and a group of friends he cultivated from those years playing around and pouring over records, formed Ultra Q (its name inspired by an Ultraman prequel series).

Opening double-shot ‘Pupkin’ and ‘It’s Permanent’ soar to the heights of Ultra Q’s powers in much different ways; the former a black-clad romp through a rainy graveyard, the former pushing straight to the clouds with its soaring chorus. ‘Straight Jacket’ veers pleasantly close to the jangle-pop of the Go-Betweens. ‘Bowman’ features guitars like cats getting into a scratch-fight while an astoundingly metronomic drumbeat is played live rather than punched out on a beat pad. Closing the EP is its title track, an affecting end credits anthem full of nostalgia and a twinge of regret.

As a whole, Get Yourself a Friend marks the synthesis of a songwriter’s vision and his band’s ability, forged through an invisible existential threat and an ever-changing world, eager to show what they’ve found while we were all inside.

Produced by Martin Cooke (Of Monsters And Men, Death Cab For Cutie, Destroy Boys, etc), Get Yourself A Friend will be Ultra Q’s third EP release; their previous two, In a Cave in a Video Game and We’re Starting To Get Along, saw the band gain praise from the likes of Rolling Stone and Vice.

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