UTO's Heavy Metal and Supernatural Mellotron Dance


Touch The Lock

Debut album released 26th August on InFiné

Check out 'Heavy Metal' below and get back for the album


UTO are a duo from Paris who sound like they might be from outer space.

Chic and alien, rhythm-centric yet diaphanous and ghostly, they are a group that thrive on contrasts and embrace paradoxes. Described variously as witchpop, dreampop and trip hop, they mine a rich seam of 90’s British music from the peripheries, with added je ne sais quoi.

Debut album `Touch The Lock´ sees them present to the world their singular vision for the first time. It’s an album grounded in reality that communes with hyperreality, unlocking the box where hard-to-reach emotions and thoughts often lay dormant and untapped. Their latest single Heavy Metal is about hitting rock bottom but wishing you could float (https://youtu.be/QNUFTyd6YtY)

Emile & Neysa daydream lucidly from the depths of a well about the light at the top. Extending this metaphoric dichotomy to the track’s arrangement and production, a light, floaty choir is juxtaposed with a grimy, terranean trip hop beat. These vaporous voices slowly build on the lyric “I want to feel light as a feather”, before plummeting back to the ground in a wave of distorted drums and guitar chords. It is a song about longing for the other end of an extreme, illustrated by two opposite musical extremeties.

UTO are what the French call an ovni, a word that means UFO, though it also signifies something ethereal or preternaturally touched. Touch the Lock will be touching down very soon.

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