• Amy

Who is Amy Gee?


Top 5 bands/Artists?

  1. The Wonder Years

  2. Manic Street Preachers

  3. Therapy?

  4. Thea Gilmore

  5. Half Man Half Biscuit

Guilty pleasure?

  • 90’s dance, I mean who doesn't love a bit of Set You Free?!

First gig you went to/best gig you’ve been to?

  • First: Badly Drawn Boy - Norwich Waterfront, 2001.

  • Best: Manics - O2 London, 2011 (they played all their singles, it was incredible!)

Unrated band you think everyone should know?


Top 5 films?

  1. Grease

  2. The Damned United

  3. Velvet Goldmine

  4. Mike Bassett: Football Manager

  5. Deep Blue Sea

First film you saw at the cinema?

  • Cats and Dogs

Favorite foreign language film?

  • Battle Royale - so brutal, love it!

Who would play you in a film adaptation of your life?

  • Not sure...someone short, slightly eccentric and a little annoying!


Top 5 video games?

Erm, not my fortay at all. Lets see...

  • Olympic Gold, Barcelona ‘92

  • Bust-a-Move

  • Doom for PS1 (but only if I can have the invincibility cheat!)

  • Pokemon Go

  • And erm….Monopoly?

Favourite games console?

  • Obviously the Sega MasterSystem but the ones with Alex the Kidd built in not Sonic!

You're attending a gaming convention who do you cosplay as?

  • It would obviously have to be my namesake from Sonic, Amy Rose.


You’re having a dinner party, you can invite 5 celebrities past or present who would you choose?

  1. Dan ‘Soupy’ Campbell

  2. Richey Edwards

  3. Sir. Bobby Robson

  4. Andy Cairns

  5. Tracy Emin