Who is Tyler Smith?


Top 5 bands/Artists?

  1. The Beatles

  2. Vangelis

  3. MF DOOM

  4. David Bowie

  5. Roxy Music

Guilty pleasure?

  • I have no guilt! Maybe Mariah Carey but only if you catch me singing along.

First gig you went to/best gig you’ve been to?

  • First - I can remember clearly was Carnival of Madness - Black Stone Cherry and Halestorm. Great sound, great venue!

  • Best - is a real hard one, each one is a different experience. Probably Suede @ O2 Arena, such a performance!

Unrated band you think everyone should know?

  • Honestly the answer changes every other week. Right now it's either Neutral Milk Hotel or The Greeting Committee.


Top 5 films?

  1. Blade Runner

  2. American Psycho

  3. Breakfast Club

  4. Ferris Bueller's Day Off

  5. My Neighbor Totoro

First film you saw at the cinema?

  • I can't remember! I remember going to see Hellboy II: The Golden Army when I was quite young with my mum. Think that was more of a her thing though...

Favorite foreign language film?

  • Does End of Evangelion count? I'm a big fan of French New Wave but that film had a massive impact on me!

Who would play you in a film adaptation of your life?

  • Obviously Ryan Gosling, practically a spitting image.


Top 5 video games?

  1. Fallout New Vegas

  2. Advance Wars

  3. Persona 3

  4. Half Life

  5. Burnout Paradise

Favourite games console?

  • PS3. Great library of games and the PowerPC architecture was a stroke of engineering genius that went sadly underutilised due to its complexity.

You're attending a gaming convention who do you cosplay as?

  • Baba from Baba is You. I like a challenge.


You’re having a dinner party, you can invite 5 celebrities past or present who would you choose?

  • Harrison Ford

  • Diogenes

  • Johnny Rotten

  • John Lennon

  • Samuel L Jackson

I'd charge £5 a ticket for the world's longest argument.

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