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Wilko Wilkes - You Can’t Stop Time, Release Friday 5th March 2021 on all streaming platforms.

You Can’t Stop Time is one for anyone who grew up in the 90s. A commentary on the relentless passage of time, I’m reflecting on the blissful ignorance of childhood and making contrasts with the exhausting, impersonal digital age in which we’re now trapped.

It’s a melancholic and nostalgic portrayal of the overwhelmingly daunting awareness of getting older, set against the internal quest to stay composed, resilient and grateful.

Peppered with pop culture references such as Lion King, Hey Arnold and erm…Antony Costa, it is a trip down memory lane and an affirmation as I approach middle age and the stark reminders of getting older are becoming more impactful.

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About Wilko Wilkes

Wilko Wilkes (real name Paul Wilkes) is an alternative rapper, writer, lyricist, singer, MC & storyteller from West Yorkshire, UK.

A relatively late starter as an artist, Wilko released his first single in 2019 aged 31 and has since been turning heads throughout the Yorkshire music scene and beyond.

Wilko Wilkes is no ordinary rapper – it’s not traditional hip hop and you won’t find any of the usual rap clichés in his work, instead he tells masterfully-crafted stories with relentless energy, compassion and humour.

His writing talents are diverse and he covers a myriad of subjects: from tongue-in-cheek takes on modern life and beautifully-scripted fictional tales, to deeply introspective tracks about mental health and the pressures faced by regular people in today’s society.

As a listener it is difficult not to be swept away and swallowed up by the Wilko Wilkes whirlwind – a master of timing with unerring conviction, he wears his heart on his sleeve and often delivers verses at blistering pace with pinpoint precision.

He takes inspiration from a wide variety of musical genres and styles from ABBA to ZZ Top, resulting in an alternative style of rap which is truly unique.

His tracks can be found on playlists all over the world, so far gaining over 20,000 streams across Spotify and Amazon Music and over 20,000 views on Youtube.

His music has been featured on media channels such as BCB Radio, Reyt Good Magazine, Chapel FM, Bradford Music Network, Music:Leeds and RecordWeekly.

“I live in Bingley with my wife and our cat Desmond, who occasionally makes appearances on my social media. I work full time in digital inclusion and I volunteer for the Leeds & District Football Association and Age Friendly Leeds.

I’m from a musical background, I played piano as a child and studied music theory to Grade 3. I was obsessed with lyrics and could regularly be found studying album sleeves and learning or transcribing the words. My dad is an accomplished prog-rock keyboard player and Grade 8 organist who has played in several bands.

I have always loved music and the power it has to convey feelings and get the adrenaline pumping. I listen to lots of different genres, favouring high-tempo music with raw emotion and power behind it.

Despite my usually cheerful nature, I’ve always had struggles and internal battles with various aspects of my mental health. One dream I always had was writing and performing my own music but I was held back for many years by the shackles of my own mind, too scared to put myself out there. I couldn’t even finish a song for most of my life, I’d often start writing, quickly lose faith and tear it up after a few lines.

During a course of counselling in mid-2019 I realised that this was something I had to do, and I started working hard towards my dream of playing live and spreading some joy through my love of music.

Previous to formalising Wilko Wilkes Music I dipped my toes in the water singing covers as an acoustic duo with a guitarist friend, and in 2019 I reached the final of Mix Karaoke’s annual competition in Leeds with a wild rendition of the cult classic Informer by Snow (it’s on Youtube!). It was great fun and the adrenaline helped cement my desire to do this.

I’m fuelled by a burning passion for music, a hunger to push myself and improve, and a desire to help others. I hope by doing this that I can inspire a few people to shake off their own mental barriers and start doing whatever it is they’ve been putting off that they really desire. I’m a big advocate of having a fun creative pursuit, goals to aim for or a project to work on.

I’m scratching the itch that I’ve always had, and you know what itches are like…the more you scratch them, the itchier they get!”