Yorkshire-based alternative rapper Wilko Wilkes shares new song "ABCDEpression" released 12th Nov

ABCDEpression is the eighth single from Yorkshire-based alternative rapper Wilko Wilkes.

Starting at A running all the way through the alphabet to Z with alliterated bars, the track paints a picture of what it’s like to live with depression, set to an immersive and claustrophobic beat.

Wilko Wilkes is steadily building a catalogue of fascinating and ambitious tracks which tell stories in his hard-hitting, fast-paced style.

Often throwing in twists, humour, obscure references and crazed laughter into his tracks, ABCDEpression is no different.

The track was recorded with help from Leeds City College Arts Fund at their recording studio in Leeds city centre.

“Writing ABCDEpression was a challenge but I like to do something a little different with each release. Putting together sentences of alliteration on a specific subject whilst still making sense and rhyming was like doing a jigsaw puzzle and I found it exciting and cathartic to write.”

Having struggled for much of his adult life with depression and anxiety, Wilko hopes to inspire others to be able to talk openly about how they’re feeling.

Wilko, real name Paul Wilkes, is also a volunteer facilitator at men’s mental health talking groups Andy’s Man Club in Leeds, a charity set up by Luke Ambler and Elaine Roberts named after Elaine’s late son Andy Roberts who have over 60 groups nationwide where men meet to talk about their issues in a supportive and non-judgemental environment.

“I encourage anyone, not just men but especially men, to talk openly about their mental health and if you don’t feel comfortable talking to friends or family to try out peer support, counselling or cognitive behavioural therapy which are all things that have helped me."

“Rapping and writing are ways for me to express my feelings and grow my mental toolkit and I’m a big believer in having a creative pursuit, but it was a long journey to get here and it’s a journey that never ends. I think everyone should take some time to look inward and practice self-care and my advice is don’t wait until you’re at breaking point, start today for a better tomorrow.”

Having recently played successful sets at the inaugural Bradford Buskival and Santiago Bar in Leeds, Wilkes has plenty in the pipeline and is already planning for 2022 as he hopes to bring his thoughtful brand of socially conscious rap to the masses.

ABCDEpression is released on Friday 12th November and will be available on all streaming platforms with a video following on Sunday 14th.

About Wilko Wilkes:

Wilko Wilkes is an alternative rapper, writer, lyricist, singer, MC & storyteller from West Yorkshire, UK.

His diverse writing takes you on a journey from the depths of depression to the thrill of feeling alive, encapsulated by his trademark laughter which has described as “verging on insanity”.

He writes and raps from the heart, blending his troubled and uneasy outlook on life with messages of hope, unity & respect, peppered with humorous wordplay, mundane real-life references and unexpected twists.

A master of timing with unerring conviction, he delivers his verses at blistering pace with pinpoint precision.

An accomplished live performer from a musical background, he takes inspiration from a wide variety of genres and styles from classic hip-hop to pop music, resulting in an alternative style of rap which is truly unique.

A relatively late starter, Wilko released his first single in 2019 aged 31 and has since been turning heads throughout the Yorkshire music scene and beyond.

His tracks can be found on playlists all over the world, gaining over 100,000 streams on Spotify and radio play worldwide as well as featuring on media channels such as BCB Radio, Reyt Good Magazine, Chapel FM, Bradford Music Network, Music:Leeds, New Artist Spotlight, Light on Leeds, New Music Yorkshire and RecordWeekly.

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